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Coalition, Social Partners to Discuss Reforms, Public Finances


The members of the Economic and Social Council (ESS), Slovenia's industrial relations forum, will also be presented the 2013 and 2014 projections on which the budgets for the coming two years have been based.

The meeting is to talk about the level of consensus on reforms after the first round of negotiations among the government, employers and workers.

The ESS members do not agree on the provisions of the two main reforms, and neither do all coalition partners. Nonetheless, Prime Minister Janez Janša is expected to decide after the meeting whether the cabinet will discuss the reforms at its session on Wednesday.

If the government decides to adopt the reforms tomorrow, this will not be the end of negotiations among social partners, the coalition says. Talks are to be continued during parliamentary procedure.

At the meeting called for the afternoon, a lively debate is also expected on the planned 5% cut in total funds available for salaries in the public sector, a proposal that upset to the trade unions, which warned that they would resist potential layoffs.

Before the meeting with social partners, coalition deputy groups will discuss in the morning the planned increase in VAT for selected products and services, and the proposed changes that are to scale back some of the pension cuts introduced with the austerity act.


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