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Slovenian motorway tolls going up

Motorway vignettes to cost more from 15 June. Photo: STA

Driving on Slovenian motorways will cost more starting from 15 June after the government confirmed a 6.8% increase in tolls for all vehicles other than lorries. This will be the first toll increase in ten years.

The annual e-vignette for cars will cost €117.50, up from €110 at present. The monthly vignette will go from €30 to €32 and the weekly one from €15 to €16.

Van and recreational vehicle drivers will have to spend €235 on the annual motorway pass, €64.1 for the monthly vignette and €32 for the weekly one.

Motorcyclists will pay €58.70 for the annual vignette and €32 for the semi-annual. The weekly vignette will cost €8.

As a result of the hike, the national motorway operator DARS expects €5.3 million in additional revenue this year and €14.6 million next year.

Speaking after the cabinet session on 25 May, Infrastructure Minister Alenka Bratušek said the toll increase was necessary to provide DARS with long-term financial sustainability to carry out all planned projects.

The main projects DARS is currently working on are the second tube of the Karavanke tunnel to Austria, and the north-south expressway known as the third development axis.

Bratušek said inflation totalled 22% since the last toll increase whereas the average wage had risen by 30% in the same period.

Slovenia has had the system of vignettes since 1 July 2008. Since last year only electronic vignettes have been in use.

DARS data shows that traffic on Slovenian motorways and expressways has increased by 26% in the past ten years. Last year, the average daily traffic is estimated to have surpassed 35,000 vehicles.


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