The Slovenia Times

Yield on Slovenian Bonds Drops Below 6%


The yield was at 5.79% at 11 AM, down 0.34 percentage points on Tuesday's close. Compared to the benchmark German bonds, the surcharge for Slovenian bonds dropped to 4.21 percentage points, down from 4.57 points on Tuesday's close, according to data from electronic exchange MTS.

The implicit interest rate on Slovenian ten-year bonds has been hovering above 6% recently after still topping in September the psychological level of 7% beyond which borrowing is no longer considerable sustainable.

The fall in yield augurs well for Slovenia's planned dollar bond issue later this year. The country is currently being presented to investors in the US and Great Britain.

The government is in session just now at which it is expected to adopt legislation to reform the labour market and pension system, two of the five key measures that are seen as important signals to financial markets and major steps in the country's efforts to break out of recession.

PM Janez Janša told a meeting with social partners on the Economic and Social Council on Tuesday that the other three key measures were fiscal consolidation, restructuring the banking system and tackling state asset management.


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