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Women's footballers climbing up the ladder

The women's national football team. Photo: An┼że Malovrh/STA

The Slovenian women's football team has reached its all-time high FIFA ranking, shows the list of latest standings published on 9 June. Currently ranking 39th, the side has climbed up 23 places since the arrival of head coach Borut Jarc in 2018.

"When I took over the team, it was my great wish for us to make it to the top 60 in the FIFA rankings. Going forward, an opportunity emerged to rank in the top 50. In the last third of the planned six-year period the goal, if possible, has been to get among the top 40. It took us six years to achieve all of this," Jarc told the Football Association.

Slovenia's ambition now is to rank among the top 30 teams, he said, aware that this is not something that can be achieved overnight.

The team played five matches between February and April, notching up two wins and three draws.

Another challenge is in store for them in September, when Slovenia start competing in the UEFA Women's Nations League. Their opponents in Group B4 are the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Belarus.

The last time the team had to concede was more than a year ago, in April 2022, when they lost 0:1 against France, one of the best teams in the world which is currently ranked fifth.

In the past three years, Slovenia played 20 games, recording twelve wins, six draws and two losses, both against France.

Ahead of this year's Women World Cup, the US hold top spot, followed by Germany, Sweden and England.

Turning to the FIFA Men's World Ranking, the Slovenian men's football team currently ranks 59th.


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