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Slovenian bee-keeping on show in Berlin


The Berlin Museum of European Cultures has launched an exhibition called Buzzing Slovenia: Of Bees and People focused on Slovenian bee-keeping as a lifestyle and Slovenia's close relationship with nature.

Photographs, objects, beehive models, painted beehive panels and media stations represent Slovenia's apiculture.

Related crafts such as candle-making, baking gingerbread hearts and jewellery design are showcased as well.

The exhibition features works by contemporary Slovenian artists Saša Spačal and Polonca Lovšin.

The German architecture bureau Schroeder Rauch used sustainable materials to create the exhibition, highlighting Slovenia's respect for nature, according to the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, which co-authored the exhibition.

The opening on 11 June marks the start of the 19th European Cultural Days, a four-week programme in what is one of Berlin's flagship museums.

This year Slovenia will be in focus with a panel on cultural heritage, workshops, concerts and tastings of Slovenian food and wine.

The exhibition, which will run until 14 April 2024, is the product of cooperation between both the Museum of European Cultures, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum and the Radovljica Museum of Apiculture.

Slovenian bee-keeping as a way of life became inscribed on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage in 2022.


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