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Additional seat for Slovenia in EU Parliament

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Main chamber of the European Parliament. Photo: Thierry Monasse/STA

Slovenia will get an additional seat in the European Parliament under a proposal adopted by the parliament on 15 June. The new distribution must now be okayed by the heads of state.

The proposal would award two seats to Spain and the Netherlands, and one to Slovenia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Ireland and Latvia.

Slovenia would thus have nine seats.

Ahead of every election to the European Parliament a proposal on the distribution of seats is drawn up. The number of MEPs is capped at 751 including the president.

The seats are distributed among the member states following the principle of degressive proportionality. No country can have fewer than 6 or more than 96 seats.

Slovenian members of the European Parliament have welcomed the decision as a great day for the country, one that will make it more powerful in the European arena.

Social Democrat Milan Brglez said this was a big step, especially in light of strengthening the EU citizens' trust in common policies adopted by the EU, which is "undoubtedly a key prerequisite for successfully tackling the pressing issues the EU and the entire international community are facing."

Milan Zver of the European People's Party said the extra seat for Slovenia would make the EU more democratic and "affirm the understanding that there are no small and big countries in the EU, that all member states are equal."

The Liberal Irena Joveva said this meant Slovenia would now have additional members on the parliament's committees, "which is very important."


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