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Bird Buddy crowdfunds two new products


A Slovenian start-up that has found success with a peculiar bird feeder has raised almost three million euros in a second Kickstarter for two new products.

In a campaign that wrapped up on 15 June, Bird Buddy convinced more than 10,000 supporters to finance an AI-powered Smart Hummingbird Feeder and a Smart Bird Bath.

Both products feature a small video camera that takes a picture of a bird when a movement sensor detects its arrival.

Users have the option to upgrade the houses with a solar charging module, while Bird Buddy also offers a stand with holders for multiple bird feeders.

"It was a logical next step in our story based on very similar technologies. The new project caters to the wishes of our users, as the range of bird species that can visit them is being expanded," Bird Buddy's Žiga Vrtačič says.

As an example, he mentioned swallows, which only feed on insects in flight, and which will not visit a feeder filled with seeds. "But they will gladly take the opportunity to take a bath," he added.

Hummingbirds, on the other hand, feed mainly by drinking nectar, which is made possible with a feeder specifically adapted for this purpose.

The campaign for the new products exceeded all expectations, as the initial goal was to raise around EUR 92,000. The ordered products will be shipped in March 2024.

Vrtačič noted that when the smart bird feeder was launched in November 2020, the start-up had in mind the most avid bird enthusiasts who dedicate a lot of their free time to this hobby.

"But it turned out that Bird Buddy appeals to a much broader community. Our clients include completely ordinary people who are interested in birds to some extent or people who are just getting to know them," he said.

Bird Buddy initially attracted almost 23,000 supporters and collected EUR 4.2 million on Kickstarted with its smart bird feeder project in the campaign that ended in January 2021. It was named the Slovenian Startup of the Year in 2021.

The company says it has sold more than 100,000 of the original feeders.

The success of the latest products has encouraged the startup to start developing a new project, whose details it is keeping a secret for now. The company did however indicate it will include more precise detection of bird species.


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