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PM Hopes Anti-Reform Protests Can Be Averted


"If [protests] take place, there is no problem as long as they are peaceful. But we all must be aware that we will not be making money this way," said the PM, who was in Novo mesto as part of the government's visit of the Posavsko and Zasavsko regions.

Touching on the most burning issues in the region, including high unemployment, the poor roads network and broadband connections, he underlined that the government wants to diminish the differences among regions across Slovenia with proportional state aid and other projects.

According to him, in 2011 the Ljubljana region got as much as 60% of state aid, leaving the rest of Slovenia with a combined share of 40%. The government wants to change that, but it cannot be done overnight, he said.

Janša believes the next EU financial perspective will change this. The eastern cohesion region will be eligible to significantly more funds than the western region, he said.

The prime minister also talked about plans for Slovenia's third development axis, a motorway linking the north and south of the country. The government has sped up the project, he said.

However, the funding problem for the project remains, as the funds simply cannot be taken from the budget, he said. A part will be covered by funds from the next EU perspective, but this will not enough.

He believes an additional source could be the money the government is to get by selling the licence to a private motorway contractor. Slovenia could also get funds through international tenders that are to attract financial funds looking for long-term investments of over 30 years.

Touching on the possibility of building a second reactor at the Krško nuclear power plant, Janša said the decision would be made once the financial construction is closed, which it would not be this year nor next year. He added that it was expected that Slovenia will launch this project once it breaks out of the downward spiral.


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