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Fuel price regulation extended for a year

A Petrol pump. Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

The Slovenian government has extended the existing system of partial regulation of motor fuel and heating oil prices for another year. The regulation is in force for filling stations outside the country's motorway network.

While the prices of fuels sold along motorways are not regulated, the prices of fuels sold outside the motorway system are calculated every fortnight based on oil derivatives' prices on the global market and the dollar-euro exchange rate.

The system entered into force in June last year as a means of keeping prices low for consumers and reigning in inflation.

Traders' margins are capped at 9.83 cents per litre of diesel, at 9.94 cents per litre of regular petrol, and at 8 cents per litre of heating oil.

The decision comes as the price of petrol sold outside the motorway network went up by 1.2 cents a litre from 20 June to €1.424, while the price of diesel will go up by 2.8 cents to €1.461.

Heating oil is now two cents more expensive, at €1.04.

The government also adopted changes to the relevant decree to reintroduce the contribution for renewable energy sources and cogeneration of electricity and heat as part of the price of diesel.


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