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Slovenia to enforce stricter control of social media stars

Social media icons. Photo: dpa/STA

Slovenian authorities have decided to strictly enforce marketing and advertising rules for social media influencers after recording a significant expansion of influencer marketing and the danger of deceptive practices.

The Economy Ministry and the Market Inspectorate announced on 26 June that they would join forces and dedicate more attention to this arguing that safeguarding consumer rights is key and this extends to influencers selling goods and services on social media platforms.

A key requirement is for influencers to adhere to established business and advertising regulations.

Chief market inspector Andreja But said that "any individual conducting profit-driven business through their social media profiles, such as paid product endorsements, must undergo proper registration as a corporate entity or sole proprietor".

An influencer engaging in profit-generating activities without having the proper status is performing undeclared work, which is prohibited and subject to a fine.

She underscored that influencers operating as service providers are obliged to have easily accessible and up-to-date information regarding their company and registered location, valid email addresses, and their respective company registration and tax numbers on their websites.

Additionally, influencers are bound by advertising provisions, including the use of language that is readily comprehensible to Slovenian consumers.

Compliance with regulations also extends to the advertisement of special offers, such as discounts, bonuses, gifts, and other enticements, as well as various contests and games of chance.

"Influencers engaging in contractual agreements with consumers for purchases through their social media profiles or websites must also adhere to the stipulations concerning distance contracts," stressed the inspector.

Slovenia is not alone in cracking down on influencer marketing. The European Commission, which is in the process of developing regulations, is planning joint monitoring of influencer advertising online this autumn in which Slovenia plans to take part.

The size of the influencer market is notoriously difficult to measure but most large Slovenian companies and many small players pay influencers to promote their goods and services.


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