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Slovenia raises subsidies for electric vehicles

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Charging of e-vehicles.
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Slovenian buyers can get state subsidies for new or used zero-emission cars or vans worth up to €6,500, a substantial increase from the previous level of subsidies. Buyers of cheaper vehicles stand to benefit the most.

The highest subsidy, €6,500 is available for cars that cost under €35,000. With the abolition of the previous limit that capped subsidies at 20% of the vehicle's cost, this means that buyers of the cheapest electric vehicles will benefit the most.

Business daily Finance has calculated that the new electric Dacia Spring, for example, now costs €15,600 after subsidy, compared to €17,680 in the previous subsidy system, where subsidies were capped at €4,500.

For used cars the subsidies will be capped at €3,000 for vehicles worth up to €30,000 and €2,000 for more expensive vehicles.

There are also subsidies between €300 and €1,500 for new electric quad bikes, trikes or motorcycles.

The Eco Fund, which is in charge of disbursing the subsidies, has a total of EUR 8.5 million available, which suffices for 1,300 vehicles assuming that each gets the maximum subsidy.

The call for applications was published last week and vehicles purchased after 1 May this year are eligible.


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