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Snow, Flooding Cause Disturbances across the Country


In Goriško, water flooded mostly basements, but also some apartments. In Nova Gorica, the municipality offices, court, regional archives, theatre and several other business and agricultural facilities were flooded.

There are also several reports of landslides, including of one that is threatening a family house in the village of Potok.

Heavy rain has been causing disturbances in the wider area of Ljubljana, Celje, Novo mesto, Kranj, Murska Sobota, Slovenj Gradec, Brežice and Trbolje.

Meteorologist Benedikt Strajnar of the Environmental Agency told news portal that the most snow, between 5 and 10 centimetres, had fallen in eastern and south-eastern parts of the country.

Heavy snowfall has left parts of the Štajerko region without power. At around 6 AM, about 39,800 households were cut off, and at around 9 AM 28,000, reports.

Meanwhile, a strong bora wind is blowing in the western Primorsko region, reaching gusts in excess of 100 km/h. Roads there are closed for tilt-covered trucks and coolers.

Meteorologists say light precipitation is still expected during the day and on Monday. Central Slovenia will mostly get light snow which will turn into rain in the low lying areas.

Precipitation is expected to abate on Monday afternoon. The bora wind in Primorsko will also grow weaker.


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