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101 reasons to visit Slovenia, if only for the lakes


If you are looking to cool off in Slovenia on a hot summer day, look further than Lake Bled or Bohinj. There are around 280 lakes in the country, the top 101 of which are featured in a book called The Slovenia Lakes.

The romantics might enjoy the six heart-shaped lakes in Slovenia, but there are many others waiting to be discovered in the mountains, fields and even underground.

Slovenia's largest lake is the intermittent Lake Cerknica at 25 km2, while the deepest is the Wild Lake at 160 metres.

The magic of many of the lakes comes from their natural beauty, while Lake Bukovnica in the north-east is protected by wooden statues of dwarfs and fairies.

The book also features "the lake that brings the sun" in a valley that is left in the shade for four months of the year and "the lost blue eyes" small lakes that have disappeared. Even Lake Bled is featured on the list with the title of Slovenia's biggest lake ambassador.

The Slovenia Lakes invites readers to experience the lakes with vibrant photos, fun facts and personal insights of the author who is on a quest to visit as many lakes as she can.

One of the Kriška Lakes from the Slovenia Lakes.

Another book in the series, The Slovenia Book, 1,000 bucket list ideas, showcases other Slovenian attractions, including the country's only volcano, the world's oldest vine and traditional Slovenian dishes.

Short presentations of towns across the country bring attention to Slovenia's natural and cultural heritage, as well as the tourist attractions of today.

The book would not be complete without a short history of Slovenia and some travel tips, as well as lists of top 10 trademarks, golf courses, souvenirs and restaurants.

Since it first came out in 2015, The Slovenia Book has sold more than 20,000 copies.

New, revised editions of both The Slovenia Book and The Slovenia Lakes have just come out. Readers will be able to pick up The Slovenia Lakes in Slovenian and English, while The Slovenia Book is also available in French and German.


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