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World's largest toilet paper tube structure built in Domžale

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The Jarše Youth Association build the world's largest toilet paper tube sculpture.
Photo: Živa Ogrin/STA

Members of a Catholic youth association from Domžale, just north-east of Ljubljana, have constructed a church out of 87,423 toilet paper tubes in what is the largest such structure in the world. They hope to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records but also to raise awareness of the importance of resource saving and the power of working together.

The Jarše Youth Association has been collecting the tubes for almost a year and a half at institutions such as schools and care homes and the local presbytery.

They collected more than 100,000 but were unable to use all of them due to lack of space at the Groblje cultural centre where the structure was unveiled on 8 July. It will remain on display for three weeks.

Measuring 7.73 metres in length, 4.77 metres in width and 5.58 metres in height, the structure is so large it is possible to walk inside.

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The group hope their project will help raise awareness of how even individuals can make a difference for the planet if they work together and make an effort to reduce consumption.

They wanted to highlight the power of collective action and the importance of eco-consciousness, Jerca Letnar, a member of the youth association, told the STA.

The project's head Timotej Čižek said the amount of tubes used to make the sculpture equalled the number turned into waste in a matter of five hours in Slovenia.

This is the second time the Jarše Youth Association is vying for a Guinness World Record, after setting one in 2012 with the world's longest hopscotch measuring 5.3 kilometres.


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