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Ljubljana to host world's first official water volleyball tournament


Ljubljana will host the world's first ever official water volleyball tournament on 12 and 13 August. After two successful promotional events, real volleyball showdowns are now on the programme as part of the re:do Volleyball on Water Ljubljanica 2023 tournament, the Slovenian Volleyball Federation has announced.

Water volleyball was first presented as part of the promotion of the men's European championship that Slovenia hosted together with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands in 2019.

A spectacle on the Ljubljanica River in the run-up to the 2022 Men's Volleyball World Championship games hosted by Ljubljana's StoĹžice Arena attracted even more attention.

"Given the exceptional response and reach of these events ..., we have decided this year to once again generate some more interest in volleyball among fans in the framework of promotional activities ahead of the European Championships for men and women and before the qualifiers for the Olympics," Slovenian Volleyball Federation President Metod Ropret said.

"This time however, the event does not only have a promotional character, but for the first time also a competitive one," he added.

The tournament, which will feature eight pairs each in the women's and men's competitions, will take place on a court set up on the Ljubljanica next to Novi Trg square.


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