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Music featuring Divje Babe flute nominated for Emmy


The theme music for an episode of a British-US nature documentary on dinosaurs that also features sounds made by a replica of a Neanderthal flute found in Slovenia has been nominated for the 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards. One of the composers nominated is Slovenian Anže Rozman.

Along with Kara Talve and Hans Zimmer, Rozman is nominated in the category Outstanding Music Composition For A Documentary Series Or Special, for their work for Prehistoric Planet, a ten-part nature documentary streaming television series about dinosaurs, which premiered on Apple TV+ in May 2022.

Narrated by natural historian David Attenborough and produced by Jon Favreau in cooperation with BBC Studios Natural History Unit, the series follows prehistoric animals living 66 million years ago, recreated with computer-generated imagery.

Nominated for the 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards is the music from the second episode of the second season, called Badlands.

The theme music had gained attention before, winning the award for the best original score for a documentary series at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and a nomination for the Bulldog Television Broadcast Awards 2022.

As Partner/DD Studios announced in a press release on 24 July, the trio of composers decided for a unique approach to making music - they made instruments from fossils, petrified wood, replicas of dinosaur fossils and bones.

Slovenian clarinetist Boštjan Gombač contributed a recording of sounds made by a replica of the Neanderthal flute discovered in Divje Babe cave in western Slovenia in 1995, which is thought to be the world's oldest known musical instrument.

What was nearly a three-years process to compose the score produced a number of unique instruments, helping to create a unique sound that became a key part of the series. The recording process also involved the BBC Symphony Orchestra of Wales.

"The Emmy nomination is unique to me, as I share it with my fiancee and exceptional composer Kara Talve and with one of my musical idols, Hans Zimmer, whose music has accompanied and inspired me since my early teenage years," Rozman said.

"I constantly learned from both of them and grew throughout the creative process. I'm exceptionally proud of the music we've composed. The Emmys are the Oscars of the television industry," he added.

Rozman attended a secondary music school in Ljubljana and the Academy of Music in the Slovenian capital, and later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston.

He met Zimmer in London when he worked with director Christopher Nolan on the score for Nolan's 2014 science fiction film Interstellar. He later moved to Los Angeles to start to work as a composer in Zimmer's studio Bleeding Fingers.

Rozman's projects include the music for the BBC series The Universe, The Planets, Frozen Planet II and Seven Worlds, One Planet, and for the film The Great Bear Rainforest.

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony is scheduled to be held on 17 September.


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