The Slovenia Times

Slovenia celebrates Rememberance Day


President Danilo Türk, Parliamentary Speaker Gregor Virant, National Council President Blaž Kavčič, Minister for Slovenians Abroad Ljudmila Novak, Chief of the General Staff, Brigadier Dobran Božič, and Police Commissioner Stanislav Veniger will lay wreaths at the memorial to victims of the Independence War. Türk will also lay wreaths for victims of the occupying forces in WWII and at the Linden Tree of Reconciliation.

Slovenia has also interesting record in Remembarance Day spending habits, especially lighting the candles in cemetaries and buying the flowers as a memory of the deceased. As statististics showed in Slovenia we light 23 millions candles per year which is a world record in candels per capita. In the light of general crisis is expected that number to drop a little but slill Slovenians obviously have enough money for some life non-urgent necessities.


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