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Slovenian Science presented in USA


The meeting was hosted by prof. dr. Alamgir Karim, Professor of Polymer Engineering and Interim Director of the Institute of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, and chaired by dr. Karim and dr. Anthony Margida, Director of Entrepreneurial Services at Akron Global Business Accelerator.The opening speech was held by Mateja Dermastia, Managing Director of CE PoliMaT and prof. Dr. Majda Žigon, President of the Scientific Council of CE PoliMaT, Scientific counselor at CE PoliMaT and National of Institute of Chemistry and professor at the University of Ljubljana.

Mateja Dermastia talked about the PoliMaT Centre of Excellence, its activities and its cooperation with the city of Akron, whereas prof. dr. Žigon presented the four priority development areas of the PoliMaT research programme and introduced the research topics which would be presented by the PoliMaT researchers. Dr. Zorica Crnjak Orel, Vice president of the Scientific Council of CE PoliMaT and Scientific counselor at CE PoliMaT, National Institute of Chemistry and University of Ljubljana, gave a presentation on "Preparation and characterization of nano-to-submicrometer-sized ZnO: incorporation into polymer matrices for different applications".  Dr. Aleš Doliška, researcher at CE PoliMaT and the University of Maribor, gave two presentations: one titled "Development of coatings for metal-based implants" and the other "Plasma-treated vascular implants". Dr. Miha Devetak, researcher at CE PoliMaT, presented "Photosensitive nano-composites for the use in photonics and polymer composites with ferromagnetic particles for the use in neutron optics".

Mojca Šimnic Šolinc, Commercial Director and Member of the Board of the Tosama company, a manufacturer of hygienic products and medical devices and an industrial co-founder of CE PoliMaT, gave a presentation titled "Wound healing". The presentations were followed by questions from the audience. The meeting concluded with an agreement to meet again the following week and discuss the research topics in detail, with a goal of developing a scientific collaboration between CE PoliMaT and the University of Akron. 

The meeting was an important stepping-stone to future collaboration and an effective promotion of Slovenian science abroad.



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