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Cemetery Candles Becoming Environmental Problem


The Agriculture and Environment Ministry thus launched a campaign to raise awareness and reduce the number of cemetery candles lit.

Each year, some 23 millions of cemetery candles are lit in Slovenia, averaging to 12 candles per person, according to Interseroh, a waste management company.

Waste cemetery candles represent some 3% of Slovenia's total waste and last year more than 2.5 tonnes of waste from cemetery candles were collected.

Up until a few years ago, waste cemetery candles had not been recycled. In 2008, the government adopted a directive on the handling of waste cemetery candles.

Last year, as much as 6.3 tonnes of cemetery candles were released onto the market. However, as much as 2,700 tonnes of waste cemetery candles were collected, according to the Environmental Agency. After pre-recycling separation procedures, 1,000 tonnes of material from cemetery candles were recycled.

Interseroh pointed out that waste cemetery candles exceed the number of cemetery candles officially released onto the market. Among other things, the company also wants the government to set up mechanisms to control and sanction inadequate waste candle collection, storage and recycling.


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