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Presidential Elections: Former PM Pahor innovative or just too unorthodox?



Visiting every corner of Slovenia

The campaign would probably be very boring; with the current President exercising conservative and diplomatic tactics and Milan Zver acting as a moderate "centre right" candidate, if former PM Borut Pahor had not adopted some fresh tactics. He started his national campaign of voluntary work. By mid-October he had completed more than 200 voluntary hours, working as a garbage man, hairdresser, journalist, farmer, pizza man, a worker in different companies, book shops, a winegrower...... across Slovenia. His goal is to get to know all kinds of people, workers and jobs and on the basis of that knowledge prepare for proper leadership if elected. As a candidate he wants to connect people from different political poles, this is the main "mantra" on which he expects he can gain voters from the left and right.

Innovative political promotion or discrediting the role of the President of the Republic?

Feedback from the general public and PR experts in mixed. Some say that Borut Pahor has adopted innovative tactics that could enable him to get to the second round of the election. Others are more conservative saying that his campaign is an unacceptable discrediting of the basic function of the President of the Republic. Latest polls however show that the basic question is whether incumbent President Türk can win in the first round. Much will depend upon the behaviour of the so-called "political centre" voters and the turnout - maybe Pahor can pull an ace from his sleeve during the television debates in November, similarly to his success before the last elections when he literally saved the Social Democrats from total defeat.


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