The Slovenia Times

Media: Opposition pushing Slovenia towards EU protectorate


The move will lead Slovenia into becoming a European protectorate, which will cut the cord between the national budget and networks that live off of it. The move to file referendum requests is the consequence of clear motives against the planned bad bank. Janković, who is also Ljubljana mayor, and unaffiliated MP Ivan Vogrin have put their private interest before public interest.

Because they cannot repay their loans, they keep their companies above water with constant loan reprogramming. The bad bank on the other hand would demand that they repay the debts or it would take over the companies and Janković and Vogrin would lose control over a lot of assets.

Going through with the referenda, the country will be hardly able to avoid asking for international aid. "And it is apparent that Slovenia needs to import political leaders, as it incapable of leading the country on its own."

If Slovenia went through with the government-proposed reforms, in a decade, Slovenia would turn into a country of poor Europeans, whose prospects and opportunities would equal those of Bosnians today, Finance says.

"To avoid living in squalor, without any hope for a better future, and become a European protectorate instead, we can only say: Thank you, mister mayor."

The measures Slovenia will have to introduce will cut the cord between the budget and networks that feed off of it, Finance says in "Thank You, Mister Mayor".

This, the paper says, is the only way to stop the looting of state assets and cut the strong links between politicians, bankers and bosses of state-owned companies.


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