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Petrol prices hit 12-month high

Petrol's service station.
Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA
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Regulated prices of motor fuels in Slovenia have gone up by almost 4%. From 1 August, regular petrol is priced at €1.511 per litre, up 5.5 cents, and diesel at €1.558 per litre, up 5.4 cents.

The prices apply only to fuels sold off the motorway network. Along the motorways, retailers are free to set their prices.

The last time a litre of regular petrol cost over €1.5 was exactly one year ago, while the retail price of diesel has not been this high since November 2022.

This is the second substantial increase in a row under the government's bi-weekly pricing model. The new prices will be in force until 14 August.

If the prices were not regulated and consumers were not exempt from paying environmental duties, motorists would be paying an estimated €1.548 per litre of regular petrol and €1.608 for diesel, the Economy Ministry said.

Administered prices of petrol and diesel in Croatia are also being marked up by 5 cents. Regular now costs as much as in Slovenia, at €1.51, and diesel is 15 cents cheaper, at €1.41. Like in Slovenia, the prices will remain in force for two weeks.


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