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Ukrainian refugees getting jobs in Slovenia


Ukrainian refugees have been relatively successfully integrated into the Slovenian labour market, the Employment Service has assessed. However, most have found work that requires only basic language skills.

As of the end of July, just 529 Ukrainian refugees were registered as being out of a job.

Since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022, 834 people from Ukraine registered with the Employment Service; 766 had temporary protection status and 66 enjoyed subsidiary protection.

To be registered, displaced persons from Ukraine need temporary protection status, which is granted for one year but can be extended by a maximum of two six-month periods.

Once this status is recognised, they also get the right to free access to the labour market.

Asked whether there was demand for Ukrainian workers, the service said that 159 Ukrainians had found a job by the end of June. "This confirms that they manage to integrate relatively quickly into the job market."

In the first half of this year 78 Ukrainian citizens with temporary or subsidiary protection status found employment, which compares to 81 in whole 2022.

Most of them have found work where only basic Slovenian communication is required. "The required level of language proficiency increases with the complexity of the job, and this is a long-term process," the service said.

The Ukrainian refugees registered with the service are highly motivated to learn Slovenian and take part in Slovenian language courses. "They usually pass the test at entry level without difficulties and much ahead of deadlines," the Employment Service said.

Both Slovenian and Ukrainian are Slavic languages, yet different so that a person speaking Slovenian would not understand the other speaking Ukrainian or vice versa.


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