The Slovenia Times

Slovenian Politicians with "out of date" concepts


Both opposition parties have been weakened after the early election, especially after the unsuccessful attempt to form a Positive Slovenia (PS) led government, the commentator writes.

The decision of the leader of the strongest opposition party to pull such a controversial move and to go back on his word that he would not demand referendums is a very meaningful sign.

Janković is no stronger in parliament, and the turn probably came not only because of the controversy of the two laws that would allow the government to take over the remains of the state assets, but also because of a strengthened anti-government feeling in all social subsystems, from universities to the pensioners.

While the opposition apparently decided to make use of this sentiment to gain power, the outcome of such a battle is unpredictable and the risk is great.

Every war ends with a peace conference and a deal, and it seemed for a moment that Janša and Janković would sit down behind a table.

"But Janša was very clear; the government will not give ground to the opposition regarding the two contentious laws and will...enter the fight to win it," the commentator continues.

The circle is closed. Slovenian politicians remain entrenched in their trenches, the citizens will again vote in a referendum and nor Janša nor Janković will drink a coffee together, the paper concludes under "Invitation to a Coffee".


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