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Garnbret cements status as world's best climber


Slovenian Olympic champion Janja Garnbret won boulder gold at the Climbing World Championships on 5 August, her third world champion title in this event after 2018 and 2019, to set a new record for the discipline.

The 24-year old "flashed" all four boulders in the semifinal and all for in the final, sweeping to gold as the only competitor to climb all the boulders in the first try.

Garnbret has now extended her record of World Championships gold medals in all disciplines, from both genders, with her seventh title.

Speaking after her perfect performance, Garnbret said it was hard to put into words what she felt because she had never gotten used to winning.

"I will probably never get used to stepping onto the podium and celebrating first place because it's just so incredibly hard to keep the level up because the girls are so strong and coming after me, and it's hard to keep up with them. Every win means the world to me, it's always like the first one," she said.

Explaining how she flashed every single boulder, Garnbret said the boulders were tricky, so it was easy to fall, "but today I was 'the right Janja', as I like to call it, where I was in my own world and my own bubble."

"I didn't hear or see anything because I was just in the present moment and just enjoying myself on the wall, so I didn't doubt that I would fall once because I was just climbing and enjoying.


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