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Will the new "SPIRIT" Agency improve Slovenian Promotion?


New Agency merges the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI), the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) and the Slovenian Technology Agency (TIA). SPIRIT Slovenia will independently perform regulatory, professional and development activities aimed at boosting competitiveness, taking responsibility for promoting the Slovenian economy, promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination, developing entrepreneurship, and promoting innovation, technological development, foreign investments and the internationalisation of companies.

The main tasks of SPIRIT Slovenia will include: planning and implementing programmes marketing a comprehensive Slovenian tourist offer and the country as a tourist area, managing the brand of Slovenia as a tourist destination, implementing policies on economic competitiveness, ensuring support for companies in international business, promoting Slovenia and its regions and favourable locations for foreign investment, implementing programmes for entrepreneurship and innovation, and implementing measures to improve the performance of Slovenian products and services and thereby increase the economic competitiveness and efficiency of companies and other organisations in Slovenia, cooperating on planning national entrepreneurial and innovation policy, proposing measures aimed at increasing the economic performance and efficiency of the economy and other organisations in Slovenia, becoming the national access point for comprehensive support for companies at all levels of development.

The agency will comprise the agency council and a director. Within one year of the decision being implemented, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology will carry out procedures and draft a proposal to appoint members to the council and acting directors.



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