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Presidential Election: Current President under the Pressure


As last polls of Mladina weekly magazine showed the current president still enjoys strong support but his win in the first round is now less probable than a few weeks ago.

It's also very clear that his main rival Borut Pahor is closing the gap with every TV debate. This trend was somehowe expected because of Pahor's public performance skills. The third candidate, Milan Zver, is more or less out of the game, he is performing only as a sort of "attorney" of the current government and his party boss without real concept.

With very high probability we will get the new president in the second round where Borut Pahor definitely has a chance to surprise Danilo Türk because campaign in that round will be a totally new game. Undoubtedly the turnout will be very important and especially the behaviour of the supporters of Milan Zver in the first round.


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