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Media: Launch of new television Planet TV


New TV is, since the first annoucements that the project is on the way, accompanied by a different speculations. First, state owned Telekom Slovenije has never credibly explained why is even establishing a new TV and that at a time when the existing TV stations have difficulties due to the general crisis and marketing cost cuttings in the economies all arround the World..

In addition, the "employees structure" clearly shows that the new television can be positioned on "the right of the political spectrum" from where also the majority of the political parties are coming in current government, which is also the majority shareholder of Telekom Slovenje. As expected the current opposition already accused the government of establishing its own TV. In any case, this project is further raising the political temperature in Slovenia.

Anyway, despite all the allegations and speculations this is a project with strong capital support, TV know how, proffesional news programme and can influence Slovenian television market which is dominated by private (Time Warner) POP TV and public TV Slovenija.


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