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Koroško Under Water as Drava, Mislinja and Meža Overstep Banks


The situation is worst in Slovenj Gradec, where Mislinja and the smaller Suhadolnica, which are still rising, flooded several residential and industrial buildings.

People have been urged not to leave their homes, Alan Matijevič, the commander of the local civil protection unit, told the STA.

Many local roads are closed and dozens of avalanches were triggered as rain soaked the already drenched soil.

Drava has been rising in the recent hours after Austria decided to release water from an upstream dam, its flow having surged to 2000 m3/s.

It has flooded parts of Dravograd and smaller settlements downstream.

The situation is also serious in Štajersko to the south, where the Savinja flooded half of the community of Rečica, where some 400 houses are under water.

The Savinja is also causing problems downstream around Mozirje and Nazarje.

The head of the Celje section of the civil protection, Silvester Šrimpf, told the STA that the water will peak around 3 PM.


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