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Idrija celebrates its iconic dish

The small town of Idrija holds a festival to celebrate its traditional local dish, Idrija Žlikrofi.
Photo: Idrija Žlikrofi festival

In some places local dishes are so closely intertwined with local identity they become synonymous with the place name. One such place is Idrija, where the žlikrofi, a kind of ravioli, have gone from an everyday meal for miners to a delicacy with its own festival.

The žlikrofi date back to at least the 19th century; shaped as a hat, they might have been created to resemble Napoleon's iconic hat, the bicorne. The other possible origin story is that they came to Idrija from the Alpine region.

They can be served as a side dish or the main course, but they are most often served with bakalca, a thick, goulash-like stew made from mutton meat and vegetables.

The traditional žlikrofi filling is potatoes, onions, minced lard or smoked bacon, herbs and spices. But the Idrija Žlikrofi Festival, which took place on 19 August, also features more unconventional combinations such as porcini mushrooms and shrimps, basil pesto and roasted peanuts or truffle sauce, or hazelnuts and parmesan.


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