The Slovenia Times

Flood Waters Recede as River Levels Drop


The Drava in eastern Slovenia rose to an unprecedented flow rate of 3100 m3/s in Ptuj Monday evening, but it is now slowly dropping.

At Formin, just downstream from Ptuj, it is currently at 2,650 m3/s, but that is still well above normal levels.

The Sava reached its peak flow rate of 1,850 m3/s at 3 AM at Hrastnik but is now dropping, as is its tributary Savinja.

The situation is serious along the Drava, downstream from Maribor, where hundreds of homes were flooded as entire villages were under water.

Despite the dropping levels upstream, the Drava is still rising in Ormož area, where it has started to spill over and has already inundated commercial buildings.

There are no reports of casualties, but damage to property and infrastructure will be significant.

In Koroško, which was hit hard by an early surge of the Drava, dozens of homes and factories were flooded around Slovenj Gradec and Dravograd.

Members of the Armed Forces will be activated today to help with the relief effort.

In Gorenjsko, in particular around Bohinj, many roads are still flooded and dozens of avalanches were triggered, but homes were mostly spared.


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