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Top 100 Richest Slovenians Together Own EUR 2.9BN


The assets of the top ten people on the list increased by 30% compared to last year. All of them are making profits through sales on foreign markets.

As many as 17 richest Slovenians increased their fortune by a fifth or more compared to 2011. Only people with at least EUR 11.4m made it on the list.

Češko, who dethroned retail magnate Mirko Tuš as the richest Slovenian last year, has been expanding his business and increasing his fortune. The estimation of his wealth doubled compared to last year and now stands at EUR 410.6m, partly also because Manager obtained more information about his Netherlands-based Studio Moderna group.

Češko is close to setting a new record of the list. He is six times wealthier than Tuš, who is now in seventh place with EUR 71.6m.

The second richest Slovenian is Joc Pečečnik of gaming company Elektronček Group, who managed to quadruplicate his fortune, which is now worth EUR 183.7m.

Samo and Iza Login, in third spot, increased their fortune from EUR 80m to EUR 127m in the past year through IT company Outfit7, the author of Talking Friends, one of the best selling iPhone applications in the world.

Another couple follows with EUR 125.8m - Albin in Tatjana Doberšek, who developed their company Engineering Dobersek in Germany and are now among the consultants in the construction of the generator six at the TEŠ coal-fired power plant.

Igor Lah, who made money on privatisation vouchers during Slovenia's transition to market economy, was second on the list last year with EUR 129m, but now his fortune is estimated at EUR 113.1m, which puts him in fifth place.

The highest ranking newcomer on the list is Herman Zupan (EUR 67.2m) in eighth place. He has built his packaging empire with HZ Group in South America.

The share of newcomers on the list is this year somewhat lower than usual. In the past years, about a quarter of the names were new, but this year only a little more than a tenth of them are newcomers.


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