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PM Invites Presidential Candidates for Talks


According to Wednesday's press release from Janša's office, the PM would like the three candidates, incumbent President Danilo Türk, former FM Borut Pahor and MEP Milan Zver, to send a unified message to the public to help improve the situation in the country.

The reasons for the meeting are two - one is yesterday's announcement by the Commission that recession in Slovenia will deepen and the great concern of European leaders over blockades of crisis measures in Slovenia, and the other is the candidates' call for unity in overcoming of problems that they have been emphasising in their performances.

The prime minister hopes to consult the three presidential hopefuls on whether or not it would make sense to call another meeting of all parliamentary party heads.

He said that the last "failed July meeting when the opposition publicly rejected all proposals has only contributed to the drastic drop of the country's credit ratings in the next week".

Janša also wrote that the incumbent president had proposed to hold a meeting with him on Thursday, but the PM believes the effect of such a meeting would be greater if the other two candidates were also present.

However, in his response today Türk said he deems connecting efforts for exiting the crisis with the presidential election inappropriate, as the problems needed to be solved by those currently in office.

In a letter to the PM, he noted that he had proposed talks on the current situation that emerged after the filing of referendum initiatives with all those involved last week.

Parliamentary Speaker Gregor Virant has already responded and met the president on Tuesday. Türk would therefore also like to meet Janša over the issue, but he thinks that if anybody, the speaker and the representatives of the referendum initiatives should be present at the meeting.

He also told the PM that he would be waiting for him at the presidential palace at 2 PM today, the same hour that Janša is said to be expecting the three candidates at the government building.

So far, Zver confirmed his attendance, while Pahor's office told the STA he would most likely attend.


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