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Steklarna Hrastnik declared Exporter of the Year

A glass bottle molded into shape. Photo: Steklarna Hrastnik

Steklarna Hrastnik, a glassworks that has gone through a major transformation in recent years, won the Exporter of the Year award as the newspaper Finance held its 10th conference of Slovenian exporters at Brdo pri Kranju on 20 September. The company has seen exceptional growth in sales and profitability.

Employing more than 600 people, the Hrastnik-based company saw its sales go up by 75% over the last two years, posting €99 million in sales revenue in 2022. A further 20% growth is planned this year.

In the last six years, the company invested more than €93 million in modernisation. They stopped producing lightshades and glasses to focus on production of premium liquor, wine and water bottles, becoming one of two leading European manufacturers.

By the end of 2023 the company plans to decrease the carbon footprint of its products by a third, using a furnace fuelled by green hydrogen. The glassworks plans to continue investments and increase its production capabilities by a third by 2028.

The Slovenian-owned company generates 97% of its sales in foreign markets, exporting to 60 countries. Its top markets are Italy, France and Germany.

In his acceptance speech, CEO Peter Čas said Steklarna Hrastnik was grateful that its efforts and results had been recognised. "This is a confirmation that we embarked on the correct path years ago," he said.

Other nominees were Adria Dom, a manufacturer of mobile homes and glamping tents that exports to 30 countries, printing group Cetis, which specialises in secure documents and is present in 22 countries, Intersocks, a sport socks maker that exports to 63 countries, and Robeta, a luxury caravan maker exporting to 17 countries.

The newspaper Finance has been giving out the award for nine years alongside partners SPIRIT Slovenija and the Economy Ministry, celebrating companies that develop innovative products in a sustainable manner, develop their brand and enter new markets.

This year it introduced another award to monitor progress in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). The first recipient of the ESG Champion of Slovenia is BSH Hišni Aparati Nazarje, which specialises in development and production of small home appliances for food and drinks.

The company has a strong focus on sustainability and clearly defined environmental goals, continuously monitoring emissions and actively working to reduce them. It also pays a lot of attention of various aspects of the social component of ESG.


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