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Delivery vehicles added to Slovenia's largest EV rental fleet

Avant-2Go's delivery vehicle. Photo: Avant2Go

Avant Car, which operates Slovenia's biggest electric car sharing system, Avant2Go, is expanding its fleet of fully electric vehicles with Peugeot's E-expert delivery vans. The vehicles will be available for pick-up and return at Ljubljana's shopping and logistics hub BTC.

"We and our partners feel that this type of delivery vehicle has everything that users who wish to simply transport various items, including larger ones, need. It boasts a fairly large cargo space and the battery has a large enough capacity to last even on long trips," Avant Car director Gašper Žvan said.

The project was unveiled as part of the European Mobility Week, which this year highlights the importance of sustainability in day-to-day mobility under the slogan Save Energy.

"Being prudent when it comes to financial and energy costs as well as with taking up urban space with parking lots are issues that need addressing when talking about the burdens of vehicle ownership and the challenges that we have been actively tackling in the past decade," Žvan said.

Avant Car was the first EV sharing company in the country. They have over 40,000 registered users.

The company believes that diversity of their EV fleet is one of the advantages of the car sharing system.

"Users want to be able to change vehicles depending on their needs. In the majority of cases, owning a vehicle means making a compromise, one that best fits their average car use. But a car sharing service means that we have several different types of vehicles available at all times.

"We can simply pick the vehicle that suits us best in any given moment via a mobile app and pay for the vehicle only when we are really using it," Žvan pointed out.


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