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Director of Adria Dom named Manager of the Year

Marta Kelvišar receives a GZS prize for extraordinary business achievements in 2021. Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

Marta Kelvišar, the director of the Črnomelj-based maker of mobile homes and glamping tents Adria Dom, has been named Manager of the Year by the Manager Association, which described her as a charismatic leader who prioritises action over promises.

Kelvišar "pushes the brakes when it comes to promises, and accelerates when it comes to actions - because she is convinced that business leaders are more successful if they over-deliver on their promises," the business association said.

During her nine years at the helm, Kelvišar has made Adria Dom a globally recognised trendsetter in mobile and modular homes and mobile tents.

The company has grown at an average rate of 20% in the last eight years as revenue went from €17 million to €57 million and value added per employee more than doubled to €68,000.

The number of employees almost tripled to 305, the company introduced a lean business model and shed unnecessary costs even while remaining focused on employees, according to the association.

"If you want to be a trendsetter, and Adria Dom is, you have to spearhead change. But you cannot do that alone. You do it together with the people," Kelvišar said.

She noted that her management style has changed. "I used to be very goal-focused, but I have gradually come to realise that the path is more important that the goal. The way to achieve the right path is with the right management, and then the goals will materialise," she said.

Adria Dom is a part of the Slovenian Adria Group, which in turn is owned by Trigano of France.


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