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Collector coins celebrate sports

Collector coins dedicated to Day of Slovenian Sport. Photo: Katja Kodba/STA

The Slovenian central bank has unveiled collector coins dedicated to the Day of Slovenian Sport. The collection includes gold coins worth €100 in nominal terms, silver coins with a nominal value of €30 and a two-colour three-euro coin. The coins are valid as a currency in Slovenia only.

The basic motif of the coins is a pair of oars on one side and a shooting target on the other to honour rowers Iztok Čop and Luka Špik and sport shooter Rajmond Debevec, who won Slovenia's first gold Olympic medals in Sydney on 23 September 2000. The Day of Slovenian Sport is celebrated annually on that day.

"I'm happy that sport is an increasingly important factor in our society, also because there are strict moral and ethical standards in sport and severe sanctions for violations. I hope that this will also be reflected in society," Čop said at the presentation of the collector coins on 2 October.

Bank of Slovenia governor Boštjan Vasle stressed the parallels between the world of banking and sport and the values and challenges that connect the two.

"In both cases, there are long and carefully planned processes, which are then reflected in the results. Both of the worlds also require a pause to consider how to go forward and what strategies to use. In both cases, great persistence, tactics and the right balance of power are required," he said.

The new coins are not the first to be dedicated to sport. Collector coins were issued to commemorate the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica in 2010, the World Rowing Championships in 2011, and the centenary of the first Olympic medal won by a Slovenian athlete, which was marked in 2012.

Having won silver in 1912 as part of the Austrian sabre team, fencer Rudolf Cvetko was the first Slovenian winner of an Olympic medal.


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