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Slovenian radio stations join Radioplayer

Radioplayer logo. Photo: STA

Most Slovenian radio stations will be joining Radioplayer, an international radio technology platform present in 20 countries that provides easier access to audio content, such as radio programmes, podcasts, and on-demand content.

Slovenia will be the 21st country in the world and 20th in Europe to join Radioplayer, which is expected to be available in Slovenian on 1 December, Mirko Štular, director of Radio Slovenija, said as the project was presented at Audiofestival in Ljubljana on 9 October.

"It's a tool that makes it much easier to get all the audio content that we're interested in on our phone, on our smart speaker, on any smart device, even television," he said, adding that there is no need for the user to switch between various apps or media publishers.

On the initiative of Radio Slovenija, more than 40 radio stations, which represent almost 90% of the radio market in Slovenia, are joining the platform. They are hoping to expand to include all radio stations.

"With the Radioplayer project we are also gaining access to automotive partners that we as the Slovenian market, which is absolutely too small, cannot access alone," Štular said. Because of Radioplayer Worldwide's ability to negotiate, the technology will also be available to Slovenian users in modern cars with internet access.

The competition of radio stations is no longer the next radio station but tech giants that want a piece of the radio pie everywhere in the world, said Lawrence Galkoff from the Radioplayer Worldwide, noting the importance of different radio stakeholders in a country joining forces.

The project was endorsed by the media chamber at Slovenia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Culture Ministry. They are aware of the importance of radio journalism and different radio genres and programmes that all feature the spoken Slovenian language, said State Secretary Marko Rusjan.


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