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Terror-related incidents prompt police to urge restraint

Rally in support of Palestine. Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

Two incidents related to a pro-Palestine rally have prompted the Slovenian police to call for restraint after it already raised the terrorism threat from low to medium due to the escalating situation in the Middle East.

Ljubljana police have arrested a 20-year-old Slovenian citizen after the organisers of a 19 October rally in support of the Palestinian people received threats of a terror attack.

The man was apprehended on suspicion of terrorism soon after the organisers notified the police of the written threats they had received, the Ljubljana Police Department said on 20 October.

An investigation is ongoing and the police did not provide any details beyond saying that the suspect had no prior run-ins with the police.

Later on, around 11pm, the police were alerted to a car parked outside the asylum centre in Vič borough and a 35-year-old Slovenian driver playing a prayer so laud that it upset local residents.

A 37-year-old Moroccan, who was visibly under the influence of alcohol, joined the driver in the car completely at random.

The police are gathering information about suspicion of incitement to and public glorification of terrorist acts.

They initially refused to step out of the car, whereupon special police apprehended the driver while the Moroccan left for the asylum centre.

The pair and the car were searched but no dangerous objects were found.

The 35-year-old was released after being searched, while the Moroccan citizen was detained for violating public order until he sobered up and was issued a fine.

As the situation in the Middle East escalated, the Slovenian police urges citizens to refrain from any racial or other intolerance and to let it do its job, especially after opposition leader Janez Janša urged people to get armed.

Taking to X, Janša shared a video of a group of people with Palestinian flags in Prešeren Square, where the pro-Palestinian rally took place, shouting Allah is great. He wrote: "Things are getting serious. Arm yourselves. Legally."

This was after Janša already joined calls by several former right-wing officials that people should photograph the participants of the rally and send photos to the US embassy so that they would have problems while travelling abroad.


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