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Severe Flood Warning Issued for Most of Slovenia


The agency warns that the rain will cause many rivers to burst their banks, causing a danger to property and even life. The west is to be affected first, with the Soča River and smaller rivers in Goriška Brda rolling hills, the Vipava valley and Istria all expected to be affected.

As the rain spreads eastwards, it will also affect the Drava River in the north-east, which had caused major flooding earlier this week.

The agency forecasts that up to 100 mm of rain is to fall in the north-west of Slovenia by this evening, while the north-west will see 30-60 mm of rain.

The rain will reach central parts of the country in the evening, where it will persist throughout Monday. Meteorologists expect 50-100 mm of rain in central parts of the country, with isolated areas getting up to 200 mm tomorrow.

The new red flood alarm comes only days after disastrous floods hit northern parts of the country, causing massive destruction.

Almost 4,000 buildings were damaged by the bursting of several rivers, most by the Drava in the north-east.

The latest floods could cause a major setback to clean-up efforts, which are far from being completed.


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