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New mural adorns Ljubljana City Museum


The Ljubljana City Museum is adorned by a new mural, created by German street artist Krashkid, who understands the artwork as a tribute to the museum as a place of meeting and dialogue. Unveiled on 24 October in the museum's inner courtyard, the mural was chosen among more than 130 submissions.

The museum received 136 mural proposals from artists around the globe, from the US to Japan, and even Jordan, said Jani Pirnat, head of the jury that chose the mural. The aim of the call was to bring meaning to the facade and integrate it into the functionality of the museum's inner courtyard.

A new mural in the courtyard of the Ljubljana City Museum. Photo: Boštjan Podlogar/STA

Krashkid understood the role of the museum well, its visitors and existing building elements, including the window, which he surrounded with a frame and made into an artwork, said Pirnat.

The artist noted that his original idea was to make the window part of the mural. Since the mural is part of a museum, he then thought about the museum visitors who always look at artworks in similar poses. That is why the mural features four people, looking at the window as if they were looking at an artwork.

Krashkid, the author of a new mural in the courtyard of the Ljubljana City Museum, speaks at the unveiling ceremony. Photo: Boštjan Podlogar/STA

He successfully connected visitors with the content and mission of the museum, the jury said, describing the mural as playful and one that calls for interaction. The mural creates a bridge between the outside and the inside of the museum in a playful way, the jury added.

Krashkid is a German street artist and member of the art collective Guapo Sapo. He has a consistent style, using bright colours and depicting characters full of personality, usually in dialogue with public spaces.


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