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Presidential Election: Pahor Win Confirmed


The final figures after 99,9% of the ballots were counted show that the results of the Social Democratic (SD) candidate Pahor and independent Türk are slightly below the exit poll projections, while Zver, the candidate of the centre right, won nearly three points more than projected.

The electoral map shows that Pahor won in six out of eight electoral units, with Türk taking only the two units covering the capital Ljubljana.

Pahor performed strongest in and around his home town of Nova Gorica, taking the Postojna electoral unit with 46% and the Nova Gorica district with 57%.

Türk won Ljubljana Center (42.4%) and Ljubljana Bežigrad (38.7%), taking three districts in the urban centre of the city with over 50% of the vote.

Zver performed strongest in the rural parts of the country in Ptuj in the east (29.8%) and Kranj in the northwest (27.5%).

The second round of election will be on 2nd of December.


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