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PM Janša: Decision on Endorsement Yet to Be Made


Their endorsement is seen as crucial in the tight face-off between the centre-left candidates Borut Pahor and Danilo Türk as it is likely to secure a number of votes from the centre-right.

Janša, whose party initially endorsed MEP Milan Zver, said that the Democrats would make their endorsement based on how the two candidates would over the next weeks help remove the "blockade" on the government's key anti-crisis measures - the bad bank and the Slovenia Sovereign Holding.

The fates of both laws are uncertain due to referendum initiatives, but Janša maintains they are of critical importance for the upcoming structural reforms such as the pension and the labour market reform.

Janša added that the decision would be hard as none of the candidates "offer much of what is in our programme and our values". One of them opposed the anti-crisis measures from the very beginning while the other one paid the measures "only lip-service while voting against in parliament," he added.

Former Prime Minister Borut Pahor emerged as the surprise winner of Sunday's presidential election, beating the favoured incumbent Danilo Türk with 40% against 36%, according to early unofficial results released by the National Electoral Commission. The centre right candidate, Milan Zver, got just under 24%.


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