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President Türk: First Round Results Only "Half-Time"


He said his campaign over the next three weeks would focus on conceptual differences between him and Pahor. "This was the first half-time and the first warning of disappointment and discontent of our with people with out politicians and our state," Türk said right after the election blackout was lifted at 7 PM.

He noted that the turnout was "extremely low and this should be cause for concern".

He warned that "empty words, ruses and hollow media and other manipulations, reaching all the way to the missing referendum signatures" were not good signs.

"I am for a different, better country, and that is why I decided to run again for president and strive to improve it," Türk said.

"We should not allow that empty rhetoric of demagogy lead us forward", Türk added, calling on the voters to think about the country they want to have.

"Do we want a country of media spectacle, a country of tricks and ruses, such as we've seen in parliament recently, or do we want a better state?"

"In the next three weeks, we must do everything to highlight the conceptual difference so that the voters have a clear choice in front of them," Türk said.

Commenting on the change of strategy, the incumbent president said his opinions would be heard much more often over the next three weeks. "I'm going to the second round to win, of course," Türk added.

Pahor emerged as the surprise winner of Sunday's presidential election, beating the incumbent Türk with 40% against 36%, according to partial unofficial results released by the National Electoral Commission. The centre right candidate, Milan Zver, got just under 24%.


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