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Two Slovenians on Europol's most wanted list

Slovenian citizens Mladen Samardžija and Marina Kramberger among Europol's most wanted criminals. Photo: Europol

Europol released an updated list of Europe's most wanted suspected or convicted criminals on 17 November. It contains 61 names, including two Slovenian citizens - a suspected crime syndicate member, and a fraudster who has been on the run for over two years all the while continuing to defraud people.

Mladen Samardžija, a 33-year-old deemed dangerous by Europol, is described as being a member of the Kavač Clan, an infamous criminal organisation from Montenegro with cells all across the Balkans.

The police believe he coordinated the handling and delivery of illegal drugs and money, and recruited new members, acquiring a large financial benefit. Samardžija holds Slovenian and Bosnian passports and went missing after failing to attend court.

The other wanted criminal from Slovenia, the 33-year-old Marina Kramberger, also dropped off the radar when court proceedings were due to start against her. She is a serial fraudster who has been on the run since July 2021 and has continued to commit crimes even while on the run.

Falsely representing her life, she convinces people to transfer large sums of money to her, or to offer her accommodation. She also rents cars for long periods, but never pays the rental costs. The public are warned that Kramberger is often on the move and most likely stays together with another woman.

The updated list of most wanted criminals is a part of the launch of a new campaign encouraging the public to share any knowledge they have about the persons.

The first such campaign was launched in 2016, and so far, Europol has arrested nearly 150 wanted criminals, of whom 50 with the help of tips submitted through the website by the public, the German news agency dpa reported.


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