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Executive pay in Slovenia up by half since 2018

Businessmen. Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

Executives serving on management boards of Slovenian companies saw their average gross earnings rise from €239,200 in 2018 to €351,800 in 2022, or by 47%, shows a survey conducted by the Slovenian Directors' Association and Deloitte.

During the same period average gross remuneration of members of supervisory boards rose by 32% to €26,900, according to the survey, which was conducted among listed companies.

The ratio between the earnings of the CEO and other board members averaged around 1.39 over the period, standing highest (1.6) in 2019 and lowest (1.15) in 2020.

The proportion of variable pay of management board members increased by nine percentage points to 34%.

The share of women on management boards rose by ten percentage points from 2018 to 26% in 2022. Two of the surveyed companies currently have female CEOs.

Management boards had three members on average in the five-year period and their average age increased by just over a year in this period to 51.1. They served an average 5.7 years on the management board.

Just over 40% of management board members also served as supervisors at other companies.

Women represented 25% of all members of supervisory boards in the period, with four women serving as chairs in 2018 and none last year.

The ratio between the attendance fees earned by the supervisory board chair and other members was the highest in 2019, at 1.47, and the lowest in 2022, at 1.33.

Supervisory boards had seven members on average, and the percentage of foreign citizens serving on them decreased by eight points to 8.8%.

One out of three supervisors served on more than one supervisory board.


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