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No New Flooding; Red Alert Remains in Force


The Drava basin area saw heavy rain during the night and the river is swollen, but has not overflowed its banks. The Reka and Kolpa in the south are meanwhile rising fast.

The levels of the rivers in northern Primorsko region are normal, while the Soča has even begun to subside, civil protection official Samo Kosmač told the STA.

The area avoided torrential rain forecast for the night, but the red alert remains in force for Monday. Civil protection teams will continue to monitor the developments, but Kosmač does not expect major problems.

The Drava basin area, which has still not recovered from the devastating flooding a week ago, also remains on the alert as the Drava has risen to the flow rate of 1200 m3/s and is expected to increase further.

Last Monday the river peaked at an unprecedented 3,600 m3/s, flooding hundreds of homes and other buildings.

No major problems are reported from the north-western Gorenjsko region, and Koroško in the north, which were both hit by flooding last week.

On the coast, the sea flooded parts of Piran, but the high tie did not cause any damage.


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