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Slovenian Railways ditch green and don blue

New Slovenian Railways uniforms. Photo: Slovenian Railways

The personnel of the Slovenian Railways is easily recognisable for their petrol green uniforms, but after more than three decades the company has decided to ditch the green and return to dark blue, a colour that they have used for most of their history.

The new uniform sets include dark blue pants, skirts and blazers, white shirts and blouses, as well as dark blue waterproof winter coats. The uniform also includes light blue ties and neckerchiefs. Conductors will get red caps, while ticket controllers will wear blue.

In choosing the new uniforms, appearance was important as well as comfort and practicality and the new uniforms are made of materials that are easy to maintain, the company says.

There are over 1,000 uniformed staff at the Slovenian Railways: conductors, signalmen, train crew and sales personnel. Uniforms are an indispensable feature of railways, having been worn by rail personnel around the globe since the beginning of train travel.

New Slovenian Railways uniforms. Photo: Slovenian Railways

"Renovated stations, better tracks that allow faster speeds, punctual trains and kind and well-dressed personnel are the goal," said Matjaž Kranjc, the boss of SŽ-Infrastruktura, a company in the operator group.

The new uniforms will first be worn on 10 December, which coincides with the switch to the winter schedule.

The old uniforms will be handed over by a company specialising in manufacturing useful items from old textiles.


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