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Family businesses get help to prepare for succession

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An annual meeting of successors of family businesses held by the SPIRIT agency and the Economy Ministry. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

Most Slovenian businesses are family-owned and successful succession is crucial for their survival. The state has set up an info point and provides subsidies to help them in the transitioning process.

More than 80% of Slovenian companies are family-owned and half of those companies do not have successors yet, heard the annual meeting of family business successors hosted by the SPIRIT entrepreneurship promotion agency and the Economy Ministry in Kranjska Gora on 5 January.

If succession is not tackled soon enough, this can cause serious problems for the company. The state and SPIRIT are encouraging companies to start the process soon enough by providing support through the national succession info point.

Since the info point's creation in 2019, the agency has conducted 250 preliminary diagnostic consultation interviews, and 177 businesses have benefited from subsidies offered for transition activities as part of a voucher system. In addition, more than 3,000 entrepreneurs have participated in 160 workshops and lectures.

"We find that, owing to the comprehensive activities provided within this point, an increasing number of companies are deciding to start the transfer process on time, which indicates that we have achieved our goal," said Rok Capl, the acting director of SPIRIT.

Danijel Lamperger, director of the Chamber of Trade Crafts and Small Business, called on entrepreneurs who are looking at handing over company ownership to consult those who have already gone through the process. "This is practised too little in Slovenia although it is very useful," he said.


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