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Slovenia with big problem of self-sufficiency in food production


Production of cereals fluctuated somewhat in the past eleven years amounting to roughly 610,000 tonnes last year, which met 71% of the consumption, a report from the Statistics Office shows.

The degree of self-sufficiency was even lower in the case of vegetables and potatoes at 37% and 63% respectively, the Statistics Office calculated on the basis of Eurostat methodology.

An average Slovenian consumed 118 kilos of cereals, 97 kilos of vegetables and 66 kilos of potatoes last year. Slovenians on average also consume 90 kilos of meat, mainly pork, and ten kilos of eggs a year.

Home meat production fell slightly last year on the year before to 156,000 tonnes. Consumption also dropped, to 184,000 tonnes. The self-sufficiency rate remained at 85%.


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